Our resilience training for teams takes your people to the next level. Everyone learns how to build on their natural strengths, quickly deal with setbacks and remain healthy during change and adversity.

The challenge

The coronavirus pandemic revealed the necessity of resilient teams — as well as which teams didn’t have the necessary skills. Resilience requires a level of self-awareness and empathy that may not come naturally to all team members. People need strategies that help team members break down barriers and build foundations of trust, transparency and self-awareness. 


Your people are diverse, so they need to be able to navigate their unique well-being and performance journey. But they also need to be able to operate and create an environment of inclusion where everyone thrives. Enter resilience training for teams from The Resilience Development Company!

The results speak for themselves

Transform connection, wellbeing and performance

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Decrease in stress levels
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Increase in productivity

Refreshing, insightful, expert and skilfully delivered. This has been the single best investment and gift to moving forwards in an informed and re-invigorated way and, with a spring to my step! Inspiring, enabling, accepting, so very skilful and supportive - thank you so much for being awesome! "

I have seen a much stronger self-awareness from my team members that have experienced your resilience training. A growing willingness to tackle head-on difficult issues and growing recognition that life is full of compromises and negotiations."


Create lasting habits that help teams work better, feel better & deliver more

The Resilient Team programme gives you everything you need to unlock the team’s potential.  With too-small-to-fail, science based action, the focus is on building strong bonds, growth mindsets and a resilient team culture that drives rather than drains energy for change.

We believe resilience training for teams must answer the questions modern teams have in today’s demanding workplace.

You will learn how to promote an optimistic outlook and see challenges as opportunities. Each member of the team will understand their level of optimism and their predominant thinking style when they hit a setback.

Resilient teams understand that they succeed or fail on the strength of their collaborative efforts. You will learn skills that make you more likely to raise concerns quickly  and the skills to provide help when it’s needed.   

From the off, resilience training for teams will give you transformational resilience and coaching techniques that alter the root perspective from which you experience and respond to thinking patterns, actions and situations. 

Mindfullness, yoga, lunch and learns all have their place but more is needed in terms of wellbeing support for employees to be truly resilient. Resilient teams need the essential mental, emotional and social skills to thrive. Resilient teams have the skills to provide wellbeing support when times are tough. 

Resilient teams build strong relationships which provide the security to take risks and stretch limits. You will learn how to build solid bonds to drive high engagement and performance.