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Resilient Team

Transform the team's ability to adapt and engage with change

In a sample of 600 people experiencing this programme:

0 %
decrease in stress
+ 0 %
increase in productivity

Give your team a lasting toolkit for change

  Create a team culture of growth and innovation whilst still remaining engaged and well. Building resilience as a team you gain the understanding, shared language and tools that improve engagement, increase productivity, avoid burnout and build psychological safety.

Learning & development that delivers

Don't settle for feedback on a "happy sheet" or "that was interesting." We help you raise resilience, measure progress and articulate the impact of resilience on team dynamics and results. We are able to do that no matter the size of your team and it's why our programme is award winning. People know exactly what to do with their new knowledge and skills and can see the business impact.
Silver Award Winner - The Learning & Performance Institute

The experience

" I have seen a much stronger self-awareness from my team members that have experienced your resilience training. A growing willingness to tackle head-on difficult issues and growing recognition that life is full of compromises and negotiations."

Senior Leader - International Bank Tweet

" I've been on many training programmes and this is different. It's packed with knowledge, increases self-awareness and helps me consider many potential ways to deliver more effective and positive results. I've noticed changes in myself and how that impacts and influences others around me and I'm thankful for the experience."

Michelle Brunsdon - HR - JT Group Tweet

“ I am far more productive and our resilience workshops helped me physically, emotionally and mentally. It helps me deal with the pressures and stress that we get as firefighters and leaders. I'd recommend your resilience training to anyone in Emergency Services. It's that good.

" Putting our team through the resilience workshops has been transformative. Giving people the understanding, shared language and tools to build and maintain resilience has resulted in improved engagement levels across our business."


Built for the challenges teams face

The Resilient Team programme gives your team essential  skills to cultivate resilient behaviours that stick long after the learning experience. 100% evidence based, the focus is on building strong bonds, growth mindsets and a team culture that drives rather than drains energy for change. Resilient Team answers the questions modern teams have in today’s demanding workplace.

You will learn how to promote an optimistic outlook and see challenges as opportunities. Each member of the team will understand their level of optimism and their predominant thinking style when they hit a setback.


Resilient teams understand that they succeed or fail on the strength of their collaborative efforts. You will learn skills that make you more likely to raise concerns quickly  and the skills to provide help when it’s needed.   

You will be shown transformational resilience and coaching techniques that alter the root perspective from which you experience and respond to thinking patterns, actions and situations. 

Mindfullness, yoga, lunch and learns all have their place but teams need more in order to be truly resilient. They need the essential mental, emotional and social skills to thrive.

Building strong relationships provides the security to take risks and stretch limits. You will learn how to build solid bonds to drive high engagement and performance. 

FACE-TO-FACE | Blended I online

Designed for teams that are pushed for time

Resilient Team is delivered in 9 bite-size modules supported by our Digital Skills Academy and with micro challenges to drive skill development outside of the learning environment. Blended, face-to-face or fully on-line delivery ensures your teams can access the training anytime, anywhere.

Responsive on-line resilience training

fast facts


Development that transforms. In a sample of 600 people experiencing this programme:

  • The group averaged a 25% decrease in stress
  • 6% increase in productivity
  • 10% decrease in hidden attrition risk
  • 22% increase in psychological safety
  • 49% increase in resilience 
  • 85% reported they were better able to deal with pressure and stress
  • 81% reported an improved thinking under pressure
  • 91% saw a direct link between the skills they developed and improving wellbeing
  • 89% saw a direct link between the skills and improving employee engagement
  • 89% saw a direct link between the skills they developed and creating a great culture   

Included in this award winning programme:

  • 9 modules of bite sized, immersive resilience workshops that fit into your operational needs
  • 14 hours of experiential training focusing on the behaviours, habits and beliefs of resilient teams
  • Individual profiles highlighting approach to risk and opportunity
  • Individual profiles highlighting team strengths
  • 6 months access to 200+ unique videos, podcasts, articles and activities all focused on developing resilience in your Digital Skills Academy 
  • 6 months access to your Resilience App
  • Personal 50 page workbook
  • Certified CPD certificate 
  • Optional recognition from The Chartered Management Institute
Resilient Team is ideal for:
  • Teams experiencing or about to experience significant change
  • Teams wanting to explore behaviours and mindset that move them from good to great
  • HR teams who are keen to equip themselves with skills & techniques that get to the bottom of behaviour
  • Any leader looking to avoid burnout and maintain optimal performance
  • Teams experiencing high levels of stress and want to reduce it quickly
  • High performing teams who want to understand and codify their success
  • Teams looking to move beyond wellbeing with resilience

Let's talk about your team and what we can achieve together

All of our team have direct experience of leading teams. We understand the challenge
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