Change readiness training in an organisation undergoing large scale change

Embedding the right behaviours required for large scale change in an organisation undergoing its biggest transformation in 30 years.

The brief

Our client was beginning a large scale change programme to become a new function, with a new purpose, operating model, a mix of significantly altered and completely new job roles, and a new software system. The change readiness training needed to:

  1. Equip staff to move through and contribute to an intense programme of change when few had experienced or possessed the capability to lead or support change.
  2. Define, develop and embed the right behaviours to radically change organisational culture and professional standards.

the solution

Working with the transformation team lead, we designed and delivered a six month programme across eight phases focusing on:

  1. Preparing the SLT to lead change
  2. Benchmarking and change-readiness assessment
  3. Aligning behaviour to purpose, vision & values
  4. Skill development training to create a new mindset
  5. Workshops identifying non-negotiable behaviours
  6. Development of resilience champions
  7. Develop/revise existing internal strategies
  8. Written report including ROI

A shift in mindset matters 

Across the department, barriers to change came down

0 %
Average reduction in anxiety measures
0 %
Reduction in Risk of Attrition

"I don't think myself or the team would have been able to deliver what we have done so far without the resilience training."

"I'm happier, and I'm more productive. I don't feel overwhelmed by the challenges I'm facing at the moment."

resilience levels UP 33%

Knowing the team is change ready needs data and focus on mental, emotional and social health. Once established, giving your team the skillset to manage these essentials is the difference between success and failure of change.

The outcomes included here give you a flavour of the results we measured with our client.

Further evaluation showed 80% of the department reported increases in emotional resilience, 71% in mental resilience, 53% in social resilience, and 19% in physical resilience.

Our approach also included measuring psychological safety, with all five key indicators increasing (between 4-38%).

Reporting Increases in
Change readiness 81%
Reporting increases in
Understanding self 90%
A desire to stay because they’ve been thinking about leaving
Increase in productivity
David Ogilvie


” Change and transition are very different things. Often changing external factors such as process and technology have an impact in the long term, but in the near term, subconscious norms often persist despite those changes. This programme focused on the internal transition required and gave people the skills and shared language to identify, explore, change, and create an environment where people thrive. 

We also believe that developing resilience in people should have a clear and tangible business outcome. In this work, we calculated an ROI of £294k demonstrating that mindset matters to people, the success of change initiatives and the bottom line.”


David Ogilvie – Resilience Development Co.