Learn how to create the life you want

Want to feel more satisfied and fulfilled in your life, career, relationships or health? Having a hard time knowing how to make it happen? The Life Transformation Series is designed to help you work better, feel better and live better. You will get everything you need to become confident, clear and focused in all aspects of your life.

Discover the strength inside you to overcome obstacles, achieve success, and create a meaningful, fulfilling life.

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Everything you need to create a life of limitless energy and vitality

 Transform your destructive negative emotions into positive, constructive ones. This 3 part series will teach you the strategies to transform every area of your life.

Part 1
Inner strength

In three sessions, understand what causes you to think, feel and behave the way you do. After you discover your “personal blueprint,” you’ll learn how to align your internal drive to move in the right direction.

Part 2
Personal Power

Over three more sessions, gain a clear and compelling vision of you at your best. You’ll learn about the forces that direct your lives, how to master them and get the keys to shaping your destiny.

Part 3
Get The Edge

Now that understand you, it’s time to discover how to make tricky decisions, how direction adds value to your life and how to build the life you want.

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Lifetime Access

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Community Membership

Share your wins with a community that cares. Regular access to the coaches and lots of support.

Premium Coaching

Sometimes you might need a little extra support. You get access to a personal coach at very special rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if you are committed to taking what we show you and implementing it. Everything we show you is evidence-based and we can tell you we’ve trained thousands of people and won awards for our work. When people commit fully and follow our strategies, they get results. 

Your full programme includes a series of video and article based lessons with companion workbooks, which are housed in a secure online classroom. All modules are instantly available although we recommend you approach a new module every week for eight weeks, and between times, you’ll have the chance to put your new found skills and knowledge into all aspects of your life. As you would expect, you can access all of the course materials from your desktop computer or mobile device, making it easy to consume content whenever and from wherever you choose.

How you carve out your time is really up to you and how you learn best, but know that it’s entirely possible to get tremendous results from this programme in just 15 minutes a day! It’s designed so you take it at your own pace or follow our recommendations. 

We spend most of our time helping individuals and large teams build their resilience and everyone at the Resilience Development Company is a qualified and practicing coach. It means we are able to support you with video conferencing based coaching sessions so please get in touch to discuss. You’ll find us friendly, helpful and never pushy. Any conversation is confidential with no obligation on your part.

After purchasing you will be redirected to your personal homepage. You will also receive an e-mail with your access information, just in case you need it. Should you need any help whatsoever the team is just an e-mail away.

Get in touch. We have plenty of other options which you can find by clicking here. 

We offer a monthly membership subscription to our Facebook community group which gives you support and regular access to our coaches. It’s automatically included when you buy the Life Transformation Series.

Not for this programme although you do have a 14 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsure we’d recommend you get in touch and discuss if this is right for you or whether our other options would suit you better.


Digital programme only


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