EDSB approach

Knowledge is one thing, being able to apply it is what counts.

Most training programmes fail because they don’t keep it real and they don’t produce any noticeable changes and benefits. They create an environment in the training room and then expect that learning to easily transfer to real life. Unfortunately it does not work like that as it takes on average 66 days to change behaviours and habit and that’s without the usual stresses and strains forcing people to reverse back to their old ways.

Our Explore, Do, See, Be approach (EDSB) is different, it avoids the usual pitfalls of information overload, the “one size fits all” approach and learning in an artificial environment. It turns knowledge into action and impacts both for your people and your organisation. Like everything we do, it’s based on a blend of good psychology and real world experience and application. We summarise our EDSB approach like this:

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