Knowledge is one thing, being able to apply it is what counts.

Most training programmes fail because they don't keep it real and they don’t produce any noticeable changes and benefits. They create an environment in the training room and then expect that learning to easily transfer to real life. Unfortunately it does not work like that as it takes on average 66 days to change behaviours and habit and that’s without the usual stresses and strains forcing people to reverse back to their old ways.

Our Explore, Do, See, Be approach (EDSB) is different, it avoids the usual pitfalls of information overload, the "one size fits all" approach and learning in an artificial environment. It turns knowledge into action and impacts both for your people and your organisation. Like everything we do, it's based on a blend of good psychology and real world experience and application. We summarise our EDSB approach like this:

Highly interactive face-to-face bite-sized sessions with a mixture of tutor input, experiential exercises and group work spread over 9 weeks to ensure behavioural change.

“On the job” experiential learning is encouraged with “challenges” that facilitate practical application of the skills in the workplace.

Reflective work allows people to step back and reflect on learnings in the broader context whilst providing the space to identify the obstacles faced in thinking and behaving differently.

“On the job” skill-based post session challenges facilitate practical application of the skills in the workplace. This deepens awareness into team and individual dynamics, enabling context for people to examine and change their own behaviour.

A new shared skill-set and common language emerges, enabling new ways to discuss challenges both at home and at work. It's an effective and essential starting point for any individual and team development.

The more people ‘explore’ and ‘do’ resilience the more they will see the benefits of it. This is a key driver of change at both individual and organisational level.

Culture change programmes often fail because leaders need to endorse the change from top-down. Our approach equips everyone with the skills and tools to proactively empower people to be accountable for their own thinking and behaviour. This cultural shift is not something that is been ‘done’ to them, suddenly its people owning this shift. A powerful culture of resilience emerges where people’s thinking and habits begin to meaningfully align towards a common set of beliefs and behaviours that everyone buys into.

Not only will you see resilience you will also hear it. The ‘sticky’ common language removes blame and conflict, enabling people to challenge their thinking and maintain focus and perspective even under high pressure.

Advocacy and autonomy is key to the long-term success of any organisational training programme. The resilience skills and common language enable consistency, become non-negotiable and enable a seamless fit with values and behaviours that add value to any industry and organisation. This new skill-set enables confidence, self-efficacy and increased psychological safety, enabling people to get better outcomes and the incentive to resist reverting to old ways of thinking and doing things.

Digital App and post programme video-based learning reminders provide key support to avoid skills fade ensuring change is sustainable without the extra work, creating healthy habits and more sustainable change and impact.

Combine that with your pioneering Resilience Champions, coaching from your people managers and the common language, it creates healthy habits and more sustainable change and impact.