Wellbeing & resilience supporting performance & growth

As employee wellbeing rises up the strategic agenda, Islington Adult Social Care focused on a programme that met their people's needs and the community they serve.


With a people-first ethos, the London Borough of Islington Council looked for proactive ways to support their people, create a supportive culture, and maintain wellbeing

All against a backdrop of hybrid working, transformation in service deliverables and the Covid-19 pandemic. 


We delivered a modular programme empowering 150 leaders, managers, and colleagues to lead on their personal resilience, wellbeing and workplace culture. 

Delivered over 20 cohorts, everyone attended bite-size virtual workshops focusing on resilience skills proven to help people work, live and feel better.

The results were the catalyst for a further roll out in 2022 to another 300 people across new departments:

Creating a place where people want to work and make a difference

Hidden attrition risk removed
0 %
Increase in personal productivity​
0 %

"It is one of the most powerful, simple to understand, cleverly put together courses I have been on. I am consciously thinking about so many skills and techniques, sharing/exploring with family and friends."

“The skills build the ability to question, transform, improve service quality using language that everyone recognises. Improvements to supervision should also improve quality of practice and therefore quality of services."

leaving a legacy

“This has genuinely engaged the Leadership Team and the frontline staff, and they’ve grabbed the nettle, using it develop their practice. It’s given people practical skills and the belief to take their ideas and turn them into actual problem-solving.

We’ve seen them use the skills base and shared language in many ways, including redesigning assessments and developing induction for new staff. 

It’s leaving a legacy of ‘let’s do this!'”

Stephen Taylor – Corporate Director

Working better
Using the skills in their work within the first 8 weeks 84%
Feeling better
Agreed that resilience skills improved their wellbeing 83%
Living better
Now thriving vs 38% pre-programme 66%
Mental health
Reduction in levels of stress 51%

An ROI of £9.40 for every £1 spent

” We’re passionate about the impact building resilience has on both people and organisational results. It’s why we work closely with our clients to highlight sustainable increases in employee wellbeing and performance alongside the organisational benefit.  

This project focused on increased employee engagement,  productivity and the voluntary attrition risk removed to calculate the return on investment at an organisational level. With the data to back it, the ROI was £9.4 for every £1 spent.

It’s tangible proof that individual transformation fuels organisational growth.”

Jon Watkins – Resilience Development Co.