Our Mission

Before we get into it, it's worth noting that the purpose of The Resilience Development Company (why we do it) is to create happy meaningful lives for the people that work here. That may sound a little selfish, but we believe our mission can only be achieved when highly engaged people enthusiastically step into the Resilience Development Company office every day. Our purpose and our mission go hand-in-hand.

1. Make a difference

We are a people development company - it's in our name and in our blood. There is nothing more important, or satisfying to us than seeing a visible social impact.  We set out clear project ROI’s that not only make a difference to your bottom line but demonstrate a tangible shift in your people’s working day and home life.

2. Make the best things

Our products and services must be innovative, simple and effective. Wherever we work we bring a simple truth – that for us it's not just a job, it’s a vocation that goes beyond the 9-5. It's in our hearts and under our skin for we believe this is bigger than all of us.

3. Keep it simple

Because we believe everyone will benefit from resilience, we are driven by the goal of making complex theory, simple and actionable to everyone. We work hard to ensure our language and techniques are "sticky" in that they resonate with people regardless of industry and sector and they "just get it".

4. Succeed Together

True diversity avoids labels, values different thinking styles and includes them. Doing this accelerates our mission. We use our senior backgrounds and expertise in industry, Elite Military, training, Psychology and Counselling to help our clients overcome obstacles and grow resiliently through change, challenge and uncertainty.

David Ogilvie - Resilience Coach I Director I Resilience Trainer

5. Individuals Matter

Just as customers learn from us, we learn tons from our customers. That's why we strive for two-way communication with wit, respect and warmth. We actively seek collaboration in improving what we offer. And that's not just about people who use our services. It's about humans in general.

6. Use our voice for positive change

We see, share and feel the highs and lows of people in our line of work. Many of those people do not have the confidence, voice or avenues to express their thoughts, but we do have a voice. And we are going to use to it stand for the things we care about in the hope that those listening will be inspired to take action.

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