We help organisations to reduce stress, increase wellbeing and unlock performance within their people.


Helping them to upgrade the way they think, feel & behave around themselves and each other is game-changing and our results speak for themselves:

“Putting our team through the programme has been transformative. Giving people the understanding, shared language and tools to build and maintain resilience has resulted in increased engagement levels across our business. We have seen a marked increase in employees telling us that they feel more able to deal with everyday stresses, both in the workplace and in their personal lives, as well as a rise in productivity and collaboration. ”


Most programmes leave people feeling great at the moment, but without the skills to keep themselves from falling back into old habits, they don’t last long.

The tools and skills we teach are immediately and infinitely scalable, meaning they can be used in all areas of life, producing an even bigger impact on how people think, feel and behave with each other and themselves.

“It’s like weightlifting for the brain. The skills improve how we think, feel and perform”
Jon Watkins
CEO of Resilience Development Co.


Backed up by science

Everything we teach is evidence-based, and we spent two years developing these programmes and ten years optimising the latest research and delivery.

Validated tools and measures

We use proven & accurate models & tools to create our programmes. We’ve been measuring participant growth since 2013, meaning we can give you a clear view of what your organisation can achieve.

Give a clear return on investment

We’ve been measuring ROI on our programmes since 2013, meaning we know what your average ROI will be for every £1 you spend with us.

Provide practical, actionable skills

Skills that are simple, easy to remember & use in a variety of situations where people need to think & feel emotionally & mentally resilient.

ResilienT TEAMS

Teams who build resilience together learn the fundamental skills that increase productivity and avoid stress, burnout and behaviour that erodes trust within the team.

Delivered face-to-face or virtually over 8 sessions, Resilient Teams is a modular, bite-sized team programme that gives everyone the essential thinking, emotional and social skills needed to own and drive performance, maintain wellbeing, boost engagement and deliver results.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Emotional fitness
  • Situational awareness & flexible thinking
  • Energy management for optimal performance
  • Identifying individual strengths to make a stronger team
  • Avoiding bias & making resilient decisions
  • How to build trust and safety
  • Drive and direction
  • How to bring it all together


" The Resilient Leader Programme made a significant difference to my personal growth and development. It’s reduced my stress levels and I gained a much better self-awareness and awareness of the impact my leadership style can have on other people who are different to me. "
European Head of Compliance – International Bank

Organisational life demands a lot from people today. The resiliency of leaders can impact how they think, feel and perform and can also impact the performance and engagement of their teams.

In Resilient Leaders you build the essential thinking, emotional and social skills that drive performance, maintain wellbeing and deliver results within you and your team.

Learning outcomes include:

  • Sustaining energy levels under pressure
  • Recovering from setbacks and difficulties without engaging in dysfunctional behaviour
  • Protecting the energy of yourself and others
  • Lowering stress in yourself and others
  • Maintaining a positive mindset
  • Communication styles & avoiding bias
  • Building sustainable bonds to drive high engagement


Prolonged stress can cause you or your top talent to burnout or to work below potential. We can help you identify your unique strengths, regain, maintain or sustain wellbeing and performance.

We’ve helped:

  • Managers who feel stuck in a rut or looking for more success
  • Professionals starting to feel exhausted and burnt out
  • People making life transitions such as maternity, promotion, menopause
  • Leaders who feel the burden of responsibility for the wellbeing of others
  • People looking for skills to improve their mental fitness
  • High-performance athletes and explorers
Resilience really is for everyone and anyone can develop it. 

Free Online Resilience Consultation

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your team to build resilience, we offer a free 45-minute online consultation. In this, you’ll get actionable recommendations you can implement in your business and a better understanding of how the Resilience Development Co can support you.