What we do

Transform How People Think, Feel And Behave Around Change

Resilience Development Co. develops the skills, mindsets, and behaviours people need to live better, work better and feel better.

Resilience Specialists

Since 2013, we've trained individuals, teams, leaders & organisations to perform, adapt and thrive during periods of high pressure, change and uncertainty. We call it resilience training, and it delivers organisational impact, a strong ROI and lasting changes in:

  • Team productivity, wellbeing, retention and performance
  • Leadership development, authenticity and EQ
  • Creating change-ready people
  • Building a culture where people thrive
  • Stress and wellbeing initiatives
  • Employee engagement and presenteeism
  • Business growth
  • Talent development and retention
  • 1:1 interventions and coaching

Demonstrating value and a clear ROI

Using baseline data and post programme surveys comprising proprietary models and scientifically validated tools:

We measure tangible changes in performance, wellbeing, and growth that positively impact organisational outcomes. Providing you with the numbers and advocacy to demonstrate how crucial learning and development is to business success.

Metrics focus on tangible shifts in:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Behaviours, relationships, teamwork and problem solving
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Productivity and engagement
  • Voluntary attrition

Unique, meaningful, high impact training

We work alongside Human Resources, Learning and Development and Leaders to deliver long-lasting change and clear ROI through training programmes that comprise:

  • Training for everyone: Our training is tailored for all industries, experience levels, and seniority.
  • “How to” modules: We cut through theory to show learners how to live better, work better and feel better. Not just what they should do and why.
  • Microlearning: We specialise in bite-sized collaborative learning, so time-poor, highly skilled professionals better engage with the training.
  • Behaviour change: Our immersive and experiential learning techniques create long-lasting behaviour change and skill development.
  • Science and research: Cutting-edge research and practices are the foundation of all our programmes.
  • In-person, online or blended: Our programmes utilise technology to deliver an immersive experience whatever your needs.
  • The experience made easy: We do all the heavy lifting as a programme coordinator supports clients through all programme phases.

Free 30-minute
online resilience

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your team build resilience, we offer a free 30-minute online consultation. In this, you’ll get actionable recommendations you can implement into your business and a better understanding of how the Resilience Development Co can meet your needs and address your challenges.