Developing resilience in your school

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We provide resilience training and support to schools interested in developing resilience in teachers, students and parents. Resilient School ™ is evidence-based, supports positive mental health and tackles barriers to learning whilst ensuring young people are prepared for success in the 21st Century work environment. Students, parents and teachers develop resilience skills together with the student in the centre. The student gains practical skills for life and a CV enhancing Chartered Management Institute certificate.

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“Resilience is sometimes misunderstood as the ability to bounce back or bullet proof against difficulties. It isn’t. It is the capacity to adapt and remain flexible in thinking, emotions and behaviours, particularly when under stress.”
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“Amazing course”

“The amazing thing about the course is it brings together students, teachers and parents all under the same course and really from our perspective in terms of helping pupils, the ability for staff and parents to really understand the challenges that pupils are facing.” (Source: ITV News Interview)

David Payne – Head of Sixth Form

” A game changer ” 

It is clear there are opportunities and outcomes that would not only enable us as a community to tackle mental health issues but also create confidence and challenge in a world that is constantly changing. It provides a toolkit for life and could be a game changer for how we support younger generations into the future.”

Tracey Vallois – Minister for Education, Government of Jersey

” Unique and innovative ” 

“This unique and innovative course, based on building resilient students, parents and schools, has helped bring about better learning, emotional stability, stronger relationships and personal success for our students who participated in the course.”

Alun Watkins – Headmaster

” Applies to mental health “

“There are many skills that I can pull out, not just for now, but in the future throughout my life and I can apply them to many things including my mental health. I can also share them with others to help them.”

Year 10 Student

“helps my self-belief “

“I used to worry a lot, leading to time off school. I really don’t think I would have coped with the stress of GCSE’s without this programme. It helped me with my worrying and lack of self-belief.”

Year 10 Student

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