Beliefs. Behaviours. Habits.

Build A Resilient Culture

One skill at a time.

Change ready

When your culture is at its best your people will feel good and move the purpose and priorities of your organisation. Our 3 phases of change help you grow, build and maintain a resilient culture from the inside out, leaving people energised and ready to go. Whatever life throws at them.

In a sample of 600 people experiencing this programme:

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increase in engagement
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increase in productivity

Create the conditions that help your people thrive

I have seen a much stronger self-awareness from my team members. A growing willingness to tackle head-on difficult issues and growing recognition that life is full of compromises and negotiations."
Senior Leader
International bank
We have always been a high performing team. Working with The Resilience Development Company helped us realise we had much more potential and how to realise it without burning out or upsetting the team dynamics we had worked hard to build."
Jeralie Pallot
Managing director - recruitment
The results on paper are amazing. More importantly this is amplified by tangible changes in individuals and the team as a whole. There is increased levels of cross functional working, confidence has grown. We are seeing an impact on organisational culture and this is being translated into improved delivery of the teams objectives. The team now have an appetite for change and see possibilities and opportunities. ResDev came to Kingston with a great product, delivered a programme that people are still buzzing about and built a group of resilience champions that will sustain the results through delivery of our change programme. Put simply we made a good choice and our expectations were exceeded.”
Derek Hoddinnot
Kingston commissioning services
I liked the way The Resilience Development Company gave us the skills rather than told us what to do. Everything they did enabled us to successfully implement the changes in our culture that drove us forward. I also liked the way these guys talked the language of business. Their backgrounds shone through from the start and they were commercial, knowledgeable and outcome focused. It was important to both myself and the board that any investment was measurable and was visible in our regular engagement surveys. They delivered."
Sean Findlay
Managing director - LES AMIS
" The impact was immediate. I have observed changes in behaviour that surpassed my expectations as everyone took the training on board, Resilience Development Company's approach is very different and they quickly established credibility and understood our challenges. The programme has made a tangible difference to us and the wider culture.”
Gail Cadeli
Director of Palliative Care Services​
Learning Awards Finalist
Business Culture Awards 2020 Finalist
Culture-transformation-Public-Sector- Awards

A three phase approach that works

It is rare that a change programme can grip an organisation in a powerful way and deliver game changing results.

And yet, that is exactly what our three phased approach to building a resilient culture does. It a builds a renewed sense of awareness and engagement, the skills to become more agile and resilient in the face of change and provides the re-enforcing behaviours that drive, rather than drain performance and wellbeing.

Imagine powerfully communicating who you are, where you are going and the essential behaviour you will need to get there. Now imagine everyone understands and is able to explain the road map to get there. In simple language that everyone can relate to. 

No matter how large the number of people in your organisation we can help you achieve this.

Change needs more than vision and values on a wall. It’s people’s instinctive repetitive habits, beliefs and behaviours that either drives or drains energy for change. Giving your people resilience skills changes the way they engage and behave with stress and disruption. They start to see opportunity in change, boost performance and take action. Because a change in perspective changes everything.  

People need to see the people they respect walking the walk rather than just talking the talk and so you will need re-enforcing systems and structures to create the final condition for real change. With a blend of unique 360 reviews, refreshers, coaching and team workshops to consolidate your investment, we’ve got you covered.​

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Your Resilient Solution

Are you concerned about the impact that change has on your people? Tired of being reactive to issues involving workplace wellbeing? Ready to put a resilience strategy in place which actually drives team productivity, leadership effectiveness and  engagement? You need to get strategic – and ask yourself the big questions:

  • If you do this, what will improve? Where’s the return on your investment?

  • What pain-points and challenges do we face in terms of talent retention, resilient leaders, adaptable teams and a resilient culture?

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of our current approach?

  • How will we measure the impact and return on investment of the resilience programmes we’re implementing?

At The Resilience Development Company, we can help you answer these questions in a kick-off strategy call. At the end of our call, as with countless happy clients before you, you’ll have a clear idea of how working with us can benefit your business in the future.

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