When it comes to organisational culture: resilience IS the answer

In a world of demanding workloads, change, uncertainty, mergers and acquisitions, developing resilience is crucial for success.
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Building a resilient culture full of resilient people is crucial for performance, wellbeing and reputational advantage. In a world of demanding workloads, change, uncertainty, mergers and acquisitions, developing resilience is crucial for success.  

To help you understand the role it can play in helping your people to develop and grow, manage stress and feel happier in their jobs, Resilience Development Company has identified five benefits resilience training plays in improving the quality of organisational culture and people’s day-to-day life. Developing resilience: 

1. Improves the ability to manage and undergo change

Resilience provides people with the skills and tools of self-leadership so they can lead themselves when faced with change. This skillset will ensure engagement is maintained, whilst productivity and happiness thrives. Focusing on mindset and behaviour change to measure the impact of resilience training is crucial in tackling this leading cause of workplace stress, resistance to change and disengagement.

2. Develops current line managers and future leaders

Line managers have a critical role to play in driving employee wellbeing, productivity and engagement. More open, empowering management styles are connected with lower levels of stress, higher job satisfaction and greater personal productivity. These skills do not occur naturally especially in high pressured environments so skill-based resilience training creates these new habits and behaviours to affect long term change.

3. Increases performance and productivity whilst avoiding burnout

Avoiding presenteeism and absenteeism means giving people the skills to drive performance and focus whilst knowing when to switch off and re-calibrate. People, especially high performers, can often be their own worst enemies, and without gaining understanding and insights into their current behaviours and how to change them no change will take place. Resilience training gives people the awareness and skills to change their current habits to unlock smarter ways of working that maintains wellbeing and performance.

4. Shows your people HOW to increase engagement by changing their thinking

The most powerful drivers of job satisfaction are not just a personal sense of achievement and feeling valued but actually understanding what your drivers are. Our skill-based resilience training enables people to understand, envision and articulate what individual and collective success looks like to them. Workplace cultures that celebrate success, value diversity and focus on the positives are far more engaged and productive environments to work in. This sense of drive and direction needs to be encouraged and trained through developing a common language and set of skills that enable people to excel even in the most pressured environments.

5. Creates a culture worth working in

At its core, culture is a set of habits, behaviours and beliefs that determine the quality, experience and success of both its people and clients. It’s these habits, beliefs and behaviours that either create a great culture or a toxic and unproductive one. Resilience training is a key enabler of addressing thinking and behaviours that erode a great workplace culture.   

For more information on how resilience training could act as a key enabler for you, your team or organisation, get in touch as we love talking all things resilience!