Is your stress and anxiety getting you down during COVID-19?

Emma Ogilvie talks about her own anxiety and how her company’s practical skill-based online programmes are proven to reduce it.​
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We are living in extraordinary times and it’s easy to fall into a spiral of stress and anxiety. The current COVID-19 pandemic means a large scale move towards self-isolation and many of us are now having to adjust to new and isolated ways of being and working. 

We are finding ourselves on 'high alert'​

Faced with worries for the future and the reality of the immediate pressures around work, bills or keeping loved ones safe. Every day seems to be bringing sweeping new changes, causing us to feel like we’ve lost control over our daily life and these feelings of stress and anxiety can be debilitating.

I’m a director of the Resilience Development Company and diagnosed in 2008 with clinical anxiety. Since 2013, I’ve used my background in psychology and counselling to design practical skills that are proven to significantly reduce stress and intense feelings of anxiety. I know from personal experience that anxiety is lonely and isolating at the best of times and dealing with both the mental and physical effects can be exhausting. With the potential delays in doctor appointments, prescription drugs and a disruption in being able to perform our daily routines that provide comfort and certainty, it’s time to bring a new focus on getting a handle on stress and anxiety. Both for ourselves and the people around us.

Our online programmes are proven to reduce stress and anxiety​

As a social enterprise, working with a 1000’s of people from Emergency Services, NHS, through to parents and young people, our core mission is to help people feel better, work better, and live better, especially during COVID-19.

All our personal programmes are designed in bite-sized chunks so you can literally learn one skill to avoid being overwhelmed. There’s 2-minute practical skill videos and reflective exercises to really help introduce control over feelings of stress and anxiety by focusing on new ways of thinking and creating emotional stability during the continued COVID-19 outbreak. 

We are now offering the first module of our award-winning ‘Stress Less’ course, for a token payment of £10 for a limited time. You will need to use the coupon code “117OFF” at checkout.

In this practical course, you’ll gain an evidence-based tool kit of simple skills designed to:

  • Significantly reduce stress and anxiety in yourself and those around you
  • Help you better manage your thinking and emotions
  • Make better decisions in stressful times
  • Understand how to reduce conflict in stressful situations
  • Monitor your own stress levels
  • Build buffers at home designed to promote stability

Who’s is for: ​

  • Anyone looking for ways to reduce their levels of stress and anxiety. 
  • Anyone interested in maintaining their own mental health
  • Anyone wishing to see just how good our courses are before investing further.

I’d like to end this blog with a heartfelt message to stay safe and well. Anxiety can be crippling at the best of times without adding COVID-19 into the mix. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety or know anyone who is, please give this course a go by clicking here or sharing this post. Remember to use the coupon code “117OFF” at checkout.