Live Blog: CIPD 2017 #Think Conference – Dr Alessio Agnostinis

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Alessio from Jersey International Mindfulness Centre provides an overview of mindfulness and the benefits of it in the workplace.

Alessio spoke about mindfulness and reiterated some of the things that David and Richard had said. We need to focus on prevention as short term solutions won’t solve anything, mindfulness needs time, there is no short term fix. Alessio also demonstrated some of the techniques he uses and we all had a practice at meditation. What did we learn from Alessio about mindfulness?

It’s not a religion its backed by science and psychology.
  • Relaxing is not switching off, its about switching on and its about being more in tune.
  • It’s not hard to learn.
  • Lots of stuff out there some of it is not mindfulness so it wont work.
  • You need to spend more than 6 weeks on it to have an effect.
  • There is no universal package.
  • You need to change behaviour which takes time.
Mindfulness builds better relationships, performance, leadership, creativity, metal health quality of life, and reduces exhaustion.

There are many benefits of which these are some – empathy, perspective, tolerance, compassion, and reaction in anxiety. Mindfulness needs to be part of a programme with designated measurement and results with targets, planning and management. Demonstrated impact After 2 years of training cabbies the part of the brain that creates visual memory was bigger. US marines who got trained in mindfulness reported more incidents after the traning but the long-term impact was far greater with less of them showing signs of PTSD than the control group.

This was live-blogged during a session at the CIPD Jersey #Think Conference – I’ve tried to capture a faithful summary of the highlights for me but my own bias, views – and the odd typo – might well creep in.

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