The reality of life for a modern day woman

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For many women, the shiny surface of my life may seem exciting and even inspirational. As a woman in my thirties, I’m seen as in my professional prime with a highly responsible career that has seen me found and grow a successful company and charity.

Like most women in today’s modern world, being a working mum is utterly exhausting. But here’s the thing that really worries me… I’m fairly certain that those people who know me in a professional capacity would find me totally unrecognisable outside of work and here are 3 reasons why;

  1. Career driven Emma is high in energy Home time Emma can’t wait to get her PJ’s on and just about makes it through the family routine of dinner, homework and bath before collapsing into bed.
  2. Career driven Emma loves being around people and is very sociable Home time Emma will pretty much do anything to avoid socialising. The very thought of an evening out with friends is exhausting, not to mention the struggle to function the next day. She can’t actually remember the last time she went out with friends and the thought of it sounds too much.
  3. Career driven Emma has a passion for challenging the status quo and driving forward new ways of doing things Home time Emma runs a tight ship based on rigid routine. Weekends are carefully crafted to act as a safety buffer against the high levels of responsibility and uncertainty often faced by career driven Emma.

The reason why I wish to share this with you is because I know I am not alone. I have literally come off the phone from a long-standing friend of mine who shares the very same reality. It’s led me to really think about what it’s like to be a woman on a daily basis in today’s modern world. What’s going on? Am I alone in this endless conveyor belt of work and kids?

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