We’ve Been Shortlisted For A Business Culture Award!

We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist for ‘Consultancy of the Year’ at the 2020 Business Culture Awards.

We are excited to be part of the Business Culture Awards, which celebrate organisations who recognise how their people’s employment experience is fundamental to business performance.

The ‘Consultancy of the Year’ category recognises the contribution of consultancies to business culture change initiatives, with maximum cultural, rather than solely operational, impact, with a focus on solution appropriateness, innovation, business impact, and client satisfaction.

Jon Watkins, Director at The Resilience Development Company, said: “Culture is the foundation that accelerates organisational performance. It keeps top talent, drives productivity and underpins the employee experience. As the pace of change continues to happen at breakneck speed, organisations are having to adapt quicker and more efficiently than ever before putting increased pressure on their culture. Now more than ever, people need to work in conditions where they thrive – a culture of strength, positive behaviour and close connections.This simple truth is at the heart of our nomination and we are delighted to be recognised for it.”

People need to feel psychologically safe as well as physically safe

David Ogilvie, Managing Director, added: 

“Having worked in global organisations I understand the challenge of being judged in any industry awards. The fact that The Resilience Development Company have made it to the shortlist shows just how far our team’s achievements are recognised. 

We are proud and excited that our training facilitates a real and sustainable cultural transformation. It gives people actionable skills to navigate the mental, emotional, and social barriers associated with change and uncertainty. Removing these psychological barriers means people have the skill set, mindset and engagement levels required to build places where people want to come to work. They feel safe and are able to bring and be more of who they are.”

Shortlisting adds fuel to our mission

Emma Ogilvie, Director said: 

“Our mission is to develop the mental, emotional and social strength within society that enables everyone to adapt and thrive despite the quickening pace of change and its negative impact on engagement, performance, leadership and mental wellbeing. 

It means our programmes deliver real-world application and immediate effects that are essential to developing culture. They also address the predominant questions asked by both L&D professionals and learners:

  1. If I learn this, will I be able to perform my tasks better and more efficiently?
  2. Does this align with my end goal, which is a happy, more productive, and stress-free future?

2020 has been a fantastic year for us in terms of awards and being shortlisted for this award recognises our unique approach at a cultural level. We all have our fingers crossed when the winners are announced on the 25th November.”

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