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Resilience Development Company Win Global Learning Awards

Resilience Development Company is proud to announce that they have been confirmed as the Silver winner of the ‘External Learning Solution of the Year Award’ at the 2020 Learning and Performance Institute’s (LPI) Global Learning Awards.

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Dealing with change and the 5Rs

When building resilience, we encourage people to see change and transition as two different things. The difference is subtle but important. Change is external whereas transition is internal. It’s how we think about change, engage and respond to it. Having the skills to adapt means transitioning is the holy grail of successful change.

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It’s official: Burnout is real

The leader who tries to do it all is headed for burnout, and in a powerful hurry. Read how to spot the signs of burnout according to The World Health Organisation and how building resilience helps avoid it before it’s too late.

Developing resilience in an organisation strategically
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How to: Developing resilience strategically

Resilience should be high on the leadership agenda as more and more people fall victim to the pressures of stress and change at work. Read our guide on why and how to do it.

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Men’s health week: How our values & beliefs impact our health

“Men must never show emotion” and “failure is a sign of weakness”. These types of unhelpful beliefs can get in the way of our relationships and taking action when it comes to our health. It can cause us to take a few more risks with our health that in hindsight may seem unwise!

Mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week: Stress and Resilience

In today’s ever-changing world where we are expected to do more with less and be everything to everyone, we need to put proactive measures in place to prevent poor mental health and promote wellbeing by giving people the skills and resources to better manage their own mental health and thrive.


It matters who you think you are at work. Possibly more than you realise.

It’s hard for anyone to give 100% if you are spending some of your energy trying to be something you are not. Unfortunately, many of us are trying to fit into a view of what we should be at work. Read how to cultivate an environment of respect and psychological safety so people can be themselves.

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Building resilience in schools

Taking a whole school approach means we can introduce a core set of skills to proactively manage mental health and reduce the social and emotional barriers to learning, together. There is so much power in introducing a common language in which our school community are better able to talk about their challenges and their emotions without feeling vulnerable. So many young people today have low aspirations and opinions of their learning capacity and motivation and resilience is reaching chronic levels.

How Do You Raise Your Resilience?

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